Why do you love PRSA?

The PRSA Social Media committee got together and started to talk about why we are PRSA members. Read their responses below.

Take a look at what our committee loves most about PRSA. It’s interesting to see everyone in this groups finds value in different ways.

Emily Lenard – PR + Social Media Strategist at Hanson Dodge Creative

While there are many benefits to being a PRSA member, I find that I most value the daily Issues & Trends PRSA email newsletters. These daily newsletters include insightful, relevant articles from both industry publications and mainstream media. In the past, I have found blog inspiration and creative solutions for the clients I represent. With countless resources available online, I greatly appreciate being able to go to my PRSA Issues & Trends email to find that the most beneficial, credible articles are at my fingertips.

Jenna Kashou – Development Director at Notre Dame Middle School

PRSA has been a hotbed of ideas and knowledge for me. I moved from the PR to the nonprofit sector, but remain a member of PRSA because of the professional connections I have made and because the programming really gives me an edge in my career. The best benefit – I’ve met great friends through my involvement in PRSA.

Meghan Welch – Marketing Communications at Derse

Why is PRSA awesome? Because of the networking, of course! Whether you’re looking for a new job, another way to get involved in the community or just to meet new people, PRSA can help. The group is comprised of passionate PR pros that span a variety of industries and disciplines, so you’re guaranteed to meet a wide variety of people.

I joined PRSA about four years ago. In that time, I have changed jobs, started volunteering and widened my social circle. Networking through PRSA has helped with all these changes. The experience has been invaluable and the people in PRSA are constantly helping me to reach my goals, both professionally and personally.

Andrew Wiech – PR + Social Media Specialist at Hanson Dodge Creative

I really didn’t know what to expect when I joined PRSA. I was pretty nervous at my first luncheon. It was like freshman year of high school all over again. I walked into the Rouge Ballroom at the Pfister Hotel and thought to myself, “Where do I sit?” But this chapter embraces with open arms and the relationships I’ve formed over my first year of membership have been extremely valuable.

I love how malleable PRSA can be. Personally, I dove in head first and started getting involved and I love the experiences I’ve gained by being a member of the organization. From leading educational sessions on social media tools and strategies for the Social Media committee’s Friday morning training sessions to co-chairing of the Young Professionals committee and setting up events to get our younger PR professionals involved in the chapter, I feel connected to the chapter and love to see it continue to grow and evolve.

Laura Stanelle – Account Executive at Emerald Isle Marketing + PR

What’s so great about a PRSA membership? Is it the trove of resources made available via email, blogs and social media? The monthly luncheons that feature engaging, educational speakers? The delicious desserts that end those valuable luncheons? Yes, yes and definitely yes. For me, though, the things that make joining PRSA a no-brainer are the abundant networking opportunities that exist for members. As a young PR professional, starting out in this industry can be daunting, but talking to that agency founder would be much more difficult had I not sat next to him at last month’s meeting. And getting to know those women at that other PR firm? Much easier now that I’m serving on a committee with them.

Public relations is, by nature, a social profession. What better way to exercise the very tenants of our industry than by meeting and networking with others like you? From helping advance your career to providing insight into new client opportunities to just being really great friends, the people you meet through PRSA prove a membership’s value time and time again.

Mo Moorman – Public Relations Director at Jockey International 

I enjoy being involved with PRSA because it is focused on advancing the PR profession and it provides excellent personal and professional growth opportunities through initiatives like networking events, shared resources and seminars. Sharing suggestions, challenges and opportunities with fellow PR pros brings to light best practices that strengthen my ability to provide excellent service as a PR practitioner. Getting actively involved is key: Serving on PRSA committees; contributing to and sharing association resources; and attending events are just a few of the ways that I find help me maximize my membership with PRSA.

Now it’s your turn! What do you love about PRSA?

March Luncheon – Community Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility with Anne Reed & Kim Marotta

This month’s chapter meeting was off the charts! Two incredible, intelligent, passionate and successful women talked from a corporate and nonprofit perspective about ways to leverage and integrate corporate social responsibility, community relations and sustainability programs into marketing and brand-building efforts. Anne Reed, the executive director of the Wisconsin Humane Society and Kim Marotta, vice president of corporate social responsibility at Miller Coors shared their stories.

In case you missed it, here is the live twitter feed. Somehow Andrew Wiech and I managed to never duplicate tweets over the course of the hour long presentation:

@PRSAWIS The 130 yr old @Wischumane society is known as one of the top nationally #prsawis
@PRSAWIS @WiscHumane‘s mission IS community outreach. #PRSAWIS
@PRSAWIS Communication is the key. @WiscHumane establishes itself as the authoritative resource in the community. #PRSAWIS
@PRSAWIS @wischumane keeps Social media very conversational #prsawis
@PRSAWIS Short videos from the staff @WiscHumane and shared on YouTube. Very authentic. #PRSAWIS
@PRSAWIS @wischumane has a symbiotic relationship btwn programs and outreach #prsawis
@PRSAWIS Important to get out in the community and invite them back in. @WiscHumane #PRSAWIS
@PRSAWIS Develop one brand image for CSR. “Great Beer. Great Responsibility.” #PRSAWIS
@PRSAWIS Go to greatbeergreatresponsibility.com to engage with @millercoors and for a chance to win an iPad #prsawis
@PRSAWIS “Society has expectations and in today’s world, those expectations have changes. Sustainable, transparent, ethical.” @MillerCoors #PRSAWIS
@PRSAWIS Retailers continue to push the agenda #prsawis @millercoors
@PRSAWIS 54% of shoppers consider sustainability to be a one of their decision making factors. @MillerCoors #PRSAWIS
@PRSAWIS Best ambassadors are your own employees. “Be Great. Be Responsible” @MillerCoors #PRSAWIS

Here are a few other key takeaway points from the presentation:

Anne Reed, nonprofit sector

  • Better communications = increased donations
  • Engage in several community partnerships to carry out mission
  • Your building itself can be community outreach – bring people in to see the mission in action

Kim Marotta, corporate sector

  • Social responsibility is good for business, not just because it’s what people expect, but it helps cut costs, good for the environment and establishes meaningful partnerships
  • Social responsibility leverages employee attraction and retention

Also, watch this short video with Kim and Anne:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mO06Nj_0Ujk&fs=1&hl=en_US&rel=0]

What did you take away from this month’s luncheon?

– Jenna Kashou (@JKashou) & Andrew Wiech (@AndrewWiech)

How Google saved my life

I have never actually used Google in a situation of life or death. However, Google has definitely made my life easier, saved me plenty of time and embarrassment, and empowered me to learn thousands of new things in mere seconds. The phrase “Google it” has become so common-place in my lexicon that I can’t even remember what I did when I needed a quick answer and Google didn’t exist.

One specific application that comes to mind is staying on top of trends in Social Media and technology. Sometimes just keeping up with everything that’s new can be a full-time job. Clearly, social media is no longer a fad, nor is it just used to stay connected to friends. It is a powerful branding tool and an engaging way to connect with and listen to your customers.

Because no one wants to lag behind or admit that you just “don’t get it,” Google is a great way to get quick answers and learn new skills. I taught myself several new tricks for social media all by typing the exact question I had into the Google search bar. In less than a second, I would have a whole list of answers to choose from.

Questions like “What is a hash tag used for in Twitter?” or “What is an RSS feed?” produce hundreds of articles, comments and discussions about that topic.  Sure, you have to be selective and pay attention to the source of the information, but having the power of quick information at your fingertips is liberating. So, next time you are afraid to admit that you’re out of the loop, just tell Google, it will keep your secrets safe.

Humbly submitted,

Jenna Kashou, @jkashou