10 Reasons Why PR Should Embrace Twitter

Here’s an interesting look at this popular Social Media platform and obviously relevant to us PR pros. What do you think? Agree with these reasons? Disagree? Have more to add?

10 Reasons Why PR Should Embrace Twitter

(From Boston-based March Communications)

My Top 10 Reasons Why PR Professionals Need Twitter:

1) Twitter is an influential tool.

For PR professionals, Twitter is invaluable because of its ability to reach a mass audience. PR professionals need to be involved in the mediums that communicate to people. Also, Twitter influences traditional media. Newspapers and magazines frequently write about issues regarding Twitter.

2.) Twitter is growing

The number of Twitter users is growing worldwide, in May (2010) there were 90.2 million unique visitors. PR pros need to be where the people are going.

3.) Twitter is free exposure

With Twitter you can give your client exposure to a mass audience without spending a penny. Much easier than paying publications to publish articles, and less time consuming.

4.) Twitter can open opportunities

Potential clients or customers can easily view the PR company on twitter, and then contact the company through tweets or direct messages.

5.) Customer Service

Twitter is a customer service tool. PR professionals can see what people are writing about their client and respond appropriately. Also, PR pros can use Twitter to update clients on the public’s view of a product so that they have a clear picture of the customer’s needs.

6.) Twitter Shows You Are Tech Savvy

At March Communications, our clients are in the technology business, so it is important for us to be technology savvy. If Twitter is a technology that millions are using, it makes sense for March to understand Twitter and utilize it in a way to promote clients.

7.) Twitter Reaches A Key Audience

The belief that Twitter is for teens is wrong. Adults are fueling the growth of Twitter. For PR professionals working for clients geared towards an adult audience, Twitter is the place to be.

8. ) Provides Real-time News

Twitter is perfect for the PR pro wanting to know current PR news but finding it time-consuming to read through multiple newspapers or online news sites. Following PR news/magazine tweets can give PR pros real-time news 24/7.

9.) Twitter Makes Clients Money

Businesses such as Dell and Pepsi have used Twitter to make substantial profits. Why would PR pros shun a social media tool that could potentially help clients increase profits?

10.) PR pros can learn from Tweeters

There seem to be an unlimited number of professionals from a variety of fields–from communication to psychology–that are tweeting great advice. Learning never stops for PR pros.