Pursue your APR Today!

The Public Relations Society of America’s Accredited in Public Relations (APR) credential is valuable to the practitioners who earn it; to the agencies, clients and PRSA images 002organizations they represent; and, to the public relations profession itself.

Established in 1964, the Accreditation Program is the profession’s only national, post-graduate certification program. It measures a public relations practitioner’s fundamental knowledge of communications theory and its application; establishes advanced capabilities in research, strategic planning, implementation and evaluation; and, demonstrates a commitment to professional excellence and ethical conduct.

The skills acquired through the process are applicable to all industries and practice areas and applied successfully on a daily basis by accredited public relations practitioners.

The ‘Path to APR’ in Southeastern Wisconsin

To support development of future PRSA leaders, the chapter’s Board of Directors has created  a “Path to APR”  accreditation program with the goal of actively helping at least three to five chapter members become accredited by December 2017.

This program is designed to encourage chapter members who have tried to obtain their APR but fallen short in the past; who have been thinking about pursuing APR but have yet to act; or, who are Paragon recipients and don’t realize these award-winning projects make perfect APR Readiness Review case studies.

“Path to APR” is a 10-month preparation course designed for public relations professionals who want to successfully earn accreditation using independent study, small APRS 2015work teams and professionally-guided learning tools. Financial incentives have been incorporated along the path to encourage chapter members to pursue this valuable professional accomplishment:

  1. A $110 rebate from PRSA national and a $50 rebate from the Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter are available to every candidate who successfully completes the APR exam.
  2. The Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter will purchase and present an APR pin ($20 value) to every member who earns accreditation
  3. Accredited (APR) chapter members are invited to attend one monthly luncheon program a year for free ($30 value).

The chapter’s next accreditation program launches in December 2016. Review this new step-by-step process by clicking on the PDF below and email Annie Gentil, APR at  or Kelly Savage, APR at to get started on your “Path to APR” today!