APR Accreditation

What is an APR Accreditation?

Established in 1964, the Accreditation Program is the profession’s only national, post-graduate certification program. The Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) credential asserts professional competence; communicates professional expertise, personal and professional dedication and values; and reflects progressive public relations industry practices and high standards.

The skills acquired through the APR process are applicable to all industries and practice areas and applied daily by Accredited public relations practitioners.

The ‘Path to APR’ in Southeastern Wisconsin

Our “Path to APR” is a 2-month preparation course designed for PRSA members who want to successfully earn their Accreditation with guidance from Accredited professionals and support from fellow members going through the process. The hybrid 2023 course starts March 1, with registration required by Feb. 22.  We use a “cohort” approach to the prep sessions.

What’s a cohort and why this approach?

The cohort approach to prep sessions mean that we meet as a group every other week. Cohort groups share learning experiences that feature enriching discussions, cultivation of professional and personal networks, and a defined timeline and format to allow working professionals pursue their APR without interfering with their day job. Because of their structure and regular meetings, cohorts naturally motivate most learners and keeps them accountable.

Financial incentives have been incorporated along the path to encourage chapter members to pursue this valuable professional accomplishment:

  • A $100 rebate from PRSA national are available to every candidate who successfully completes the APR exam.
  • The Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter will purchase and present an APR pin ($20 value) to every member who earns Accreditation

Questions? Contact Ann Knabe, Ph.D., APR+M at Ann.Knabe@bvk.com or Mike Pflughoeft, APR at Michael.Pflughoeft@bvk.com

Register for the next series of APR prep sessions here.