Diversity & Inclusion

PRSA Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter Diversity Statement

Diversity covers characteristics, identities and their intersectionality. The most obvious contexts of diversity include race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, culture, age, gender, gender identity, and diversity of thought. These defining attributes impact how we approach our work, connect with others and move through the world. Though everyone has at least one thing in common, we are all different. Diversity and inclusion are proactive behaviors that respect, embrace, and celebrate those differences.

For us, diversity and inclusion are vital to the success of our chapter, our profession and the communities in which we live and work. We champion diversity and inclusion by reaching and involving chapter members who represent a broad spectrum of differences as well as encouraging participation in chapter leadership as well as programming. We also champion diversity in our community efforts and outreach, bringing diverse voices to the table even if they are not represented in the PRSA Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter membership. Ultimately, the success of our community is success for all of us.

Committee Vision

Create space for all voices to be heard, all backgrounds to be acknowledged, and each member of our diverse community to come together in mutual understanding and respect.


  • Provide professional development opportunities reflective and inclusive of all segments of society
  • Provide communications programming that encompasses a wide variety of ideas, perspectives and cultural backgrounds
  • Through our events and resources, encourage, educate and engage with a diverse group of communications professionals while affecting change and fostering growth in the public relations industry
  • Through our events and resources, support local diverse businesses whether procuring event space, seeking services, or similar business activities
  • Actively seek out and connect with diverse organizations that can be community partners and provide insight

Diversity & Inclusion Committee

  • Lisa Attonito, Women’s Fund of Greater Milwaukee
  • Tammy Belton-Davis, Athena Communications, LLC
  • Steph Graham, Froedtert
  • Jeff Jones, Milwaukee Jewish Federation
  • W. Patrick McSweeney, McSweeney Public Relations (Committee Chair)
  • Janan Najeeb, Milwaukee Muslim Women’s Coalition
  • Heather Perkins, Eclusion
  • Kim Schultz, Milwaukee School of Engineering