Gen C: A Generation of Connection, Creation, Community and Change

Is Gen C another name for Millennials? No.

Is Gen C defined by age? No.

Is Gen C about selfies, #YOLO and FOMO? No. (Well maybe just a little)

So then what is Gen C?

Gen C isn’t another demographic. It’s a generation based on a culture of connection, creation, curation and community. It’s a group defined by a common set of behaviors and beliefs; a mindset focused on human connections, rich personal experiences and a fondness of peer reviews.

But why does Gen C matter? And how are they already impacting our businesses?

Join Audra Jacobs, Public Relations Team Leader; Mary Jessen, Public Relations Account Executive; Rick Stoner, Social Media Strategist; and Patrick Smith, Target Activation Group (TAG) Group Director from Bader Rutter as they explore this influential group — how they communicate, what they Potawatomi Logo (Large)look for in brands and businesses, and why marketing to them won’t work (in a traditional sense). Using recent B2B and B2C case studies, presenters will showcase best practices for engaging with Gen C and transforming them into your most influential supporters. This luncheon is being sponsored by Potawatomi Hotel & Casino.

Coming to the March meeting? We’ll be collecting 40-45 gallon size garbage bags to donate to donate to Repairers of the Breach Homeless Day Shelter as part of our ongoing community service project with them.

When: March 18, 2015

Time: 11:30 networking/registration, 12-1:30 luncheon

Where: Potawatomi, 1721 W Canal St. Please use the free valet parking to avoid having to walk through the casino


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