Old Saying, “There’s Gold in Them There Hills.” New Saying, “There’s Stories in That There Data.”

Data Visualization: Many clients and organizations have potential stories in their data just waiting to be leveraged with the media or adapted to become vital parts of our storytelling.  The ball is in the communications department’s court to leverage that data and tell those stories.  If we don’t do it who will?

Recent technological advances in the availability of information through big data and computing power have created new opportunities for communicators to tell their stories.  One aspect is understanding and working with the data to tease out interesting information/trends.  Another is presenting data in compelling ways to make key messaging more memorable through infographics, dynamic videos, etc.  However, most communicators and reporters are not ‘numbers people’ and may be hesitant to engage with stats and data, but this needs to change … for the sake of our clients, organizations and the awesome stories we can tell.


Join Kevin Crowe, a new breed of data journalist, as he talks about how he develops his own stories from various databases and works with staff reporters pretty much every day to tell better stories using data.  An award-winning investigative reporter and data specialist from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, he understands what news organizations are looking for in data stories and how to take the information and present it to audiences online and in print.

Prior to joining the Journal Sentinel, he worked for inewsource in San Diego and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Kevin has covered campaign finance, the bottom of the real estate market, inequities in public education funding and local government spending.

Coming to the July meeting? We’ll be collecting packages of men’s socks to donate to Repairers of the Breach Homeless Day Shelter as part of our ongoing community service project with them.

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When: July 16, 2015

Time: 11:30 networking/registration, 12-1:30 luncheon

Where: Potawatomi, (Woodland Dreams Ballroom) 1721 W Canal St. Please use the free valet parking to avoid having to walk through the casino


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