Self-care 101: Movement, Mindfulness and Moderation

While online shopping and drinking wine might feel like self-care (and there are memes galore to support that!), true self care is not just self-indulgence wrapped up in a buzzword. Practicing daily self-care not only reduces stress and increases empathy and compassion in the short term, but also resets our minds, bodies and prevents stress-related diseases in the long run.

Many public relations/communications professionals are experiencing increasing levels of stress during the current pandemic. As communicating effectively has become an even higher priority than usual, we find ourselves working overtime and balancing demands like never before.

Join us virtually over the lunch hour on June 23 to hear from NWTC Licensed Professional Counselor Judy Roemer. We will explore ways to truly care for yourself, and incorporate a COVID-proof practice into your daily schedule.

About the Presenter:

Judy Roemer is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has practiced for 26 years, and is no longer shocked by anything. She is married and lives in Green Bay with her husband, dog and chickens, and enjoys the simple joys of family, friends and nature. She works at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) as a counselor and loves helping people overcome challenges, both ordinary and extraordinary.

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When: June 23, 2020

Time: 12:00 PM