Using Analytics to Get Your Message Out

Are you overwhelmed by analytics when it comes to your company’s messaging? Or do you have a grasp of the numbers, but don’t know what to do next?

The reality is–there’s no huge mystery behind it! Let Steinhafels Marketing Director Dirk Stallmann reveal some of his insider tips for making your business, or your client’s business, analytics powerhouses across all platforms!

Steinhafels is seen as a leader in the furniture business when it comes to using the latest technology and social media techniques. Stallmann has even been invited to speak at various conferences across the U.S. on the subject. Stallmann will discuss the relationship between Marketing/PR and analytics, and provide various visual and anecdotal examples:

-What kind of analytics does Steinhafels rely on most?

-What his team is doing to leverage the content it creates–using analytics.

-Talk about the types of boosts that have worked, and those that haven’t.

-Show some examples of good engagement on social media.

Finally, Stallmann will look at the future of analytics, and how we can expect to be using this ever-changing technology in the next few years.

A little bit about Stallmann:

Dirk Stallmann is currently the marketing director for Steinhafels Furniture and Mattress based in metro Milwaukee. He has a 20+ year proven track record in retail advertising, and also served time at Kohl’s and the Bon-Ton Stores. He particularly loves the challenge of leveraging technology for more accountable marketing, creating systemic solutions to improve workflow, leveraging content and maximizing productivity.




When: Feb. 21, 2018

Time: 11:30-12 registration and networking, 12-1:30 lunch and program

Where: Italian Community Center, 631 E. Chicago Street, free parking in back


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