What to Do When It All Falls Apart…Remembering Who We Are As PR PROS

Learning points of this session:

  1.  As “strategists” we PREDICT AND MANAGE change, so we certainly must know how to predict that in our world – TIPS and TRUTHS
  2.  Continuous self-assessment is the best form of preparation – Where is your organization? Where are you professionally? What about the “team”? – NOW is the right time for continuing ed. What is free
  3.  You May Love the Job, but the Job will NEVER love you – mental, spiritual, and financial advice for people in the volatile world of PR – WE INVENTED THE PIVOT
  4.  As the “what’s next” people- show true leadership without being sanctimonious or a martyr. Asking yourself “when will I leave here” is the first thing you should do after being hired.

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When: Aug. 12, 2020

Time: 12:00 PM

Where: Virtual event