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Aug 06, 2020

Beyond Vanity Metrics

We all know measuring likes, shares, views, impressions, comments, reach are a great place to start, but what’s next? In this session you’ll learn actionable tips and tricks to connect with your audience and go beyond the basics and help you reach your organization’s broader goals.

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Aug 12, 2020

What to Do When It All Falls Apart…Remembering Who We Are As PR PROS

Learning points of this session:

  1.  As “strategists” we PREDICT AND MANAGE change, so we certainly must know how to predict that in our world – TIPS and TRUTHS
  2.  Continuous self-assessment is the best form of preparation – Where is your organization? Where are you professionally? What about the “team”? – NOW is the right time for continuing ed. What is free
  3.  You May Love the Job, but the Job will NEVER love you – mental, spiritual, and financial advice for people in the volatile world of PR – WE INVENTED THE PIVOT
  4.  As the “what’s next” people- show true leadership without being sanctimonious or a martyr. Asking yourself “when will I leave here” is the first thing you should do after being hired.

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Aug 14, 2020

How Nonprofits Evolved Their Communications Strategies During COVID-19

Our routines, behaviors and interactions changed dramatically during the last few months and our world became reliant on virtual rather than face-to-face communications because of the coronavirus pandemic. For the nonprofit sector, an industry deeply rooted in relationships and in-person services and events, this shift was sudden and dramatic.

On August 14, learn how local nonprofit leaders turned this adversity into opportunity and how they evolved their communications strategies and business models to strengthen their organizations and advance their bottom lines.

Webinar panelists include:

  • Héctor Colón, president and CEO, Lutheran Social Services;
  • Don Klein, senior director of public affairs, Bethesda Lutheran Communities; and
  • Anne Metcalfe, managing director, Milwaukee Ballet.

The panelists will cover topics including:

  • donor relations,
  • client services communications,
  • internal communications,
  • crisis communications; and
  • and reputation management.

The webinar will be moderated by PRSA SE WI Board Member, Michael Pflughoeft, director of public relations for WaterStreet Creative.

Cost: Free to members and non-members

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Aug 19, 2020

Soft Skills in Stressful Times

Did you know former LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner said that “Communication skills are the #1 skills gap” and that organizations would be smart to train their employees in interpersonal “soft” skills?

Want good news?  Sam Horn has been teaching what to say and not to say for 20 years to clients including Intel, Cisco, ASAE, Capital One and Four Seasons Resorts. Discover how to deal with complaints, help people find solutions vs. fault, use words that turn conflict into cooperation, and keep your cool … even when other people aren’t. These techniques can dramatically improve the quality of your customer service and employee relations.

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Sep 03, 2020

Evolution of the PRofessional Digital Summit

The summit will provide participants practical tactics and industry insights through sessions designed specifically with new professionals in mind. They’ll have the opportunity to learn and network with fellow professionals who are determined to become the industry’s next leaders.

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Sep 08, 2020

Leading with Ethics

Free to PRSA members – APRs may earn .5 CEUs toward Renewal by participating. The role of trusted advisor is a critical component for the public relations professional. Are you comfortable asking the tough questions? Introducing dialogue that might be controversial? Challenging the status quo? Effectively positioning yourself in this crucial role is a catalyst for your career.

Free to members! ($200 value)

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