Meet the Members: Shana Pawlowicz

Each month, on the PRSA Southeastern Wisconsin blog, we will feature one of the members of our fine organization. Get to know a little bit about who they are, why they joined and what they are most looking forward to about being a part of the PRSA SEW Chapter. And maybe a few random facts here and there. 

This month, we are featuring Shana Pawlowicz!

Name –  Shana Pawlowicz

Most of your experience falls in the in non-profit sector. What’s motivates you to work in that field? I have volunteered with several organizations now for over 7 years. While I am quite open to working in a variety of different markets within the creative field, I really do enjoy the sense of good I feel when not only I see all of my hard work pay off with a successful event, but also the joy from those in attendance who will directly or indirectly benefit from my hard work.

One of you recent positions was with ABCD and their event Date with a Plate that just happened last month. How’d the event go? The event went great! We had about 18 different stations from local restaurant groups who donated fabulous food for everyone to try. Our silent auction was also a big hit with over 100 items that help to raise over $26,000 for that section alone!

With many professional organizations available, what drew you to PRSA? In college I was a member of PRSSA and not only did I find the knowledge I received during that time rewarding but also the camaraderie of my peers who were also excited to start their careers. So I knew out of college that PRSA would certainly be a great place for me to belong and now that I have moved to Milwaukee and ready to establish my career and home here, I am very excited to be apart of the local chapter.

As a new member of the organization, what aspects are you most looking forward to (luncheons, newsletters, networking, young pros, awards)? Can I say all of it? haha. But really I am a very outgoing person and a person who loves challenges and learning daily. What’s great about this organization is that I am surrounded by individuals who feel the same way. PRSA offers so many opportunities to be able to continually learn and grow in this field, and I hope to continue to do so through PRSA.

What’s your favorite aspect of the Public Relations industry? (Media relations, special events, social media, crisis communication, community relations, ect.) And why? I feel so many of those areas tie together well that you can’t really choose one in order to do your job effectively. While I’m still looking currently for a full time home with a local company, I hope that in my future position I am able to tackle each of these areas. I think what is most intriguing to me right now however is social media, for the simple fact that it is changing at such a fast pace and is so cutting edge. Well that and the fact that I just (and finally) got an iphone to putz around on all my social media avenues with!

What’s your favorite blog that you follow? I’m a huge foodie! Everyone who really knows me knows the way to my heart is with a good meal. So as much as I hate to give this little hidden gem away I will, so that others may enjoy this amazing website and create scrumdiddlyumptious treats too. Check it out…she’s a food genius!

Tell us something we don’t know about you? I am a former Miss Oshkosh with the Miss America Organization and during my year of service I made 82 volunteer appearances. During that time I was able to raise thousands of dollars and volunteer for various non-profits which includes: St. Baldricks Day, Children’s Miracle Network, American Cancer Society, Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, Children’s Hospital of Milwaukee and many others. And while I do get lots of flack from people about this, I am very proud of the accomplishments that have come from it and just goes to show, “You can never judge a book by its cover.”

Next time you see Shana at a luncheon, be sure to introduced yourself. Or you could connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter.

– Andrew Wiech (@AndrewWiech)