Top 10 insights from Aurora Health Care’s intranet pilot program

Aurora Health Care recently launched a pilot intranet program, designed to enhance connectivity among caregivers, foster employee collaboration and, ultimately, to help drive better patient outcomes. Aurora employees Don Klein and Annette Guye-Kordus shared what they learned in the process. Here’s their list of the top 10 takeaways:

1. Make sure you have the right platform for your organization.
2. Put your geek on – make friends with IT!
3. Measure, measure and measure again.
4. Be enthusiastic! Embrace the new way of doing things.
5. Get leadership on board. Position the new system as innovative.
6. You have to become an expert.
7. Customized training for the audience and their tech maturity is worth the effort.
8. Access + content = activation. Encourage community owners to be creative even if it’s not what they do.
9. Assemble a support team to include manager, technical and industry roles.
10. Governance is important. Users will have questions from day one.

Does your company have an internal social networking system? What successes and challenges have you encountered?