Join the PRSA Board

Our board of directors provides direction and support for all aspects of the PRSA Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter. Leaders elected to officer positions come from a variety of backgrounds but share a commitment to the success of our chapter and its members. Each year, new officers are elected, and you are encouraged to get involved. If interested, please contact PRSA Southeastern Wisconsin president, Ryan Amundson at

Descriptions of roles:

Directs all chapter operations and is responsible for the function of all officers and committees. He or she presides at all meetings of the chapter and board of directors and represents the chapter with the national organization.

Works closely with the president on chapter operations in preparation for the presidency. Also serves as the chair of the programming committee, identifying and securing speakers for monthly luncheons.

Receives and disburses funds for chapter operations. Works with the chapter president in preparing an annual budget. Makes monthly financial reports to the board.

Takes and distributes official meeting minutes. Maintains copies of official chapter documents.

Immediate Past-President
Works with other board members in establishing chapter goals and objectives. Helps recruit and retain members and serves as chair of the nominating committee.

Membership Officer
Responsible for recruitment and retention programs of the chapter. Makes monthly reports to the board. Communicates with National PRSA on all matters pertaining to membership.

Assembly Delegates
Attends the PRSA assembly, the Society’s governing body, which meets once a year. Supports ongoing chapter activities by helping with committee work and/or special project assignments.

Directors at Large
Perform specific responsibilities that the president and board may assign. Helps recruit and retain members.