Mentor Program


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PRSA Young Pros is happy to again to offer the Mentor Program, a program that strives to foster relationships between young and seasoned professionals.

2014 marked the inaugural year of the PRSA Mentor Program, which helped several pairs of mentors and mentees develop lasting and meaningful professional relationships.


Mentees receive exclusive benefits as part of the Mentor Program, including:

  • You’ll be paired with a mentor based on experience and interests
  • Break into the industry and “learn the ropes”
  • Establish your network and learn about future opportunities
  • Ask questions you might not feel comfortable asking your boss
  • Learn valuable tools and keys to success in the PR industry
  • Get advice about career paths, résumé writing and interview skills

Seasoned professionals in the mentor role will:

  1. Improve their own personal leadership skills and ability
  2. Act as a sounding board
  3. Provide individual career advice, support and tips
  4. Help build their mentee’s professional network, as well as their own
  5. Assist in keeping mentee up-to-date on PRSA activities

  Young Professionals in the mentee role will:

  1. Learn how to develop and nurture a professional network
  2. Discuss career plans and aspirations
  3. Gain knowledge of PR industry workplace etiquette
  4. Develop an understanding how to balance work, extra-curriculars and life, and set priorities
  5. Achieve the confidence to challenge oneself to achieve new goals and explore alternatives

   Those eligible for the Mentor Program must be a member of one of the following:

  1. PRSA Southeastern Wisconsin chapter or

  2. PRSSA chapter or other PR Club at a local college or university in the Greater Milwaukee Area or

  3. Associate member of PRSSA or PRSA


New in the 2015-16 season, the mentor program provides pairs with a monthly newsletter with ideas for mentors and mentees to benefit. Simply click on the month to view.

For more information contact the Mentor Program Co-Chairs: Katharine Braunschweiger at or Alex Moulchin at with questions, comments and suggestions.

Would-be mentors who want to know more are asked to contact Carol Weber, APR at or 414-755-4108.


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