March Luncheon – Community Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility with Anne Reed & Kim Marotta

This month’s chapter meeting was off the charts! Two incredible, intelligent, passionate and successful women talked from a corporate and nonprofit perspective about ways to leverage and integrate corporate social responsibility, community relations and sustainability programs into marketing and brand-building efforts. Anne Reed, the executive director of the Wisconsin Humane Society and Kim Marotta, vice president of corporate social responsibility at Miller Coors shared their stories.

In case you missed it, here is the live twitter feed. Somehow Andrew Wiech and I managed to never duplicate tweets over the course of the hour long presentation:

@PRSAWIS The 130 yr old @Wischumane society is known as one of the top nationally #prsawis
@PRSAWIS @WiscHumane‘s mission IS community outreach. #PRSAWIS
@PRSAWIS Communication is the key. @WiscHumane establishes itself as the authoritative resource in the community. #PRSAWIS
@PRSAWIS @wischumane keeps Social media very conversational #prsawis
@PRSAWIS Short videos from the staff @WiscHumane and shared on YouTube. Very authentic. #PRSAWIS
@PRSAWIS @wischumane has a symbiotic relationship btwn programs and outreach #prsawis
@PRSAWIS Important to get out in the community and invite them back in. @WiscHumane #PRSAWIS
@PRSAWIS Develop one brand image for CSR. “Great Beer. Great Responsibility.” #PRSAWIS
@PRSAWIS Go to to engage with @millercoors and for a chance to win an iPad #prsawis
@PRSAWIS “Society has expectations and in today’s world, those expectations have changes. Sustainable, transparent, ethical.” @MillerCoors #PRSAWIS
@PRSAWIS Retailers continue to push the agenda #prsawis @millercoors
@PRSAWIS 54% of shoppers consider sustainability to be a one of their decision making factors. @MillerCoors #PRSAWIS
@PRSAWIS Best ambassadors are your own employees. “Be Great. Be Responsible” @MillerCoors #PRSAWIS

Here are a few other key takeaway points from the presentation:

Anne Reed, nonprofit sector

  • Better communications = increased donations
  • Engage in several community partnerships to carry out mission
  • Your building itself can be community outreach – bring people in to see the mission in action

Kim Marotta, corporate sector

  • Social responsibility is good for business, not just because it’s what people expect, but it helps cut costs, good for the environment and establishes meaningful partnerships
  • Social responsibility leverages employee attraction and retention

Also, watch this short video with Kim and Anne:


What did you take away from this month’s luncheon?

– Jenna Kashou (@JKashou) & Andrew Wiech (@AndrewWiech)