Eager to Mentor

Like many folks, I sometimes wish I had the ability to travel back in time so I could give some friendly advice to the younger version of myself. Of course, there are the obvious tips that I’d try to pass along: study harder…eat healthier…get more sleep…say hello to THAT girl. But, there’s also something less obvious that could have benefited me tremendously – connecting with a professional mentor.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been fortunate to have worked with some incredibly talented professionals through the years. Many of these people helped “show me the ropes” and offered critically important career guidance when it was needed. But, I never had a formal mentor relationship and would have enjoyed having access to an industry veteran to discuss PR best practices, career growth, and the countless other challenges young pros often encounter.

Unfortunately, I can’t jump into a time-traveling DeLorean and magically produce a mentor for the younger version of myself. But, I can help today’s young PR pros avoid this same regret. That’s why I’m participating as a mentor in the PRSA Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter’s new mentor program.

Through this program, I’m eager to give back to the PR profession while helping to shape the future of the industry. I’m also thankful for the opportunity to potentially enhance my own coaching and leadership skills. And, most importantly, I look forward to building a new and mutually-beneficial relationship with a young and talented PR practitioner.

For more details about our chapter’s new mentor program – or to join me as a program participant – simply email jackieh@celticinc.com.

–Bill Bussler

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