Rolling in with the new…mobile marketing

Last week Sara Santiago of Roll, a mobile messaging agency, presented at the PRSA monthly meeting. She discussed the importance of adding mobile messaging to your (or your client’s) marketing mix. So here you have it….

The top five reasons why you should add mobile messaging into your communications mix:

  1. Mobile technology is instant and intimate – you have people’s 100% attention when you send a message to their mobile.
  2. Mobile messaging is a great example of geo-location based marketing – you get your message to people where you want them to see it.
  3. Open rates for mobile messages are 70-90% – email newsletters are about 10%.
  4. Mobile devices outnumber desktop computers 5 to 1! You are able to reach a broader audience. Everyone has a mobile phone!
  5. Mobile messaging allows people to interact with your brand and that is becoming more important as people (especially Gen Y) want to understand what the brands they use stand for. One great example is the use of mobile couponing. Target will send a coupon to customers’ mobile phone and they can scan their screens at the check out lane to get discounts on their favorite items.

Although mobile databases are much harder to build because people are more reticent to give away mobile phone numbers, the impact is much more significant. People have to opt-in twice and can dictate when and how often you contact them via text on their mobile phones.

Thank you to Sara for an enlightening presentation. Not only is she smart and funny, but she’s one tough cookie. On behalf of the entire Southeastern Wisconsin PRSA chapter, we send good vibes her way for a speedy recovery from her upcoming surgery.

Contact Sara directly here.

-Jenna Kashou, @jkashou