Young Pros Learn Crisis Comms

The Chapter's Young Pros Learn Crisis Comms from Seasoned Veterans

The Chapter’s Young Pros Learn Crisis Comms from Seasoned Veterans

On Wednesday, September 25, fifteen students from UW-Whitewater attended “PRSA Young Pros Discuss: Crisis Communication in Milwaukee.” The purpose of this event was to inform, teach and help college students in the field of public relations understand how to handle a crisis in communication.

The people who attended were divided into three groups and given a different crisis communication case to work through as if they were the PR coordinator.

The PRSA Young Pros had three seasoned professionals that attended as well and jumped into the groups to help evaluate and understand the crisis communication process.   Carol Weber, Matthew Wisla and Alan Gaudynski, all PRSA members, led each group discussion.  Each has many years of experience in public relations and was happy to pass along knowledge and advice.

The event had excellent attendance and the students who attended all were able to walk away with new people to network with, advice to take home, and more knowledge about what crisis communication is and how to go about managing crises.

— Justina Kruser, UW Whitewater student