Top 3 PR Articles of the Week: Friday, August 1, 2014

In this modern (and sometimes ADD) age, it’s hard to have a brand that stands out from the crowd. Every business wants a groundbreaking idea and every brand wants to go viral. The Top 3 PR Articles from this week show some unique examples of branding and marketing that demonstrate what great PR can accomplish in this modern age. Enjoy!

Buzzfeed Video is discovering how people identify with brands and relate to content. Read>>>

PR Daily
This past week, “Weird Al” Yankovic scored his first No. 1 record, Mandatory Fun, and used the hashtag #8videos8days to do it. Read>>>

A Make-a-Wish project for a little boy that went viral last November is now being turned into a documentary film by a non-profit Moving Train, Inc. with the help of crowd funding giant, Indiegogo. Read>>>

Zach Hindes (@zachindes)