Top 3 PR Articles of the Week: Friday, September 19, 2014

Companies with similar goals and aspirations often work together. Choosing what kind of company you are is also very important. The Top 3 PR Articles from this week show how important brands are; from the name to companies’ involvement in the marketplace. Enjoy!

Ad Week
Has the NFL ever gotten off to a worse start?
The NFL has been in the news for some criticisms and the brand is taking a hit after another player has come under scrutiny. Read>>>

Is U2 going freemium with Apple a sign of what’s to come?
At Apple’s recent reveal event, U2 announced they were giving their newest album to all iTunes users for free. In a declining industry, we might see more large scale partnerships between companies and artists. Read>>>

PR Daily
3 things to consider when choosing a brand name
While there are great brand names, there is also a overabundance of bad ones. Here are 3 things to considering when choosing a brand name. Read>>>

Zach Hindes (@zachindes)