How Google saved my life

I have never actually used Google in a situation of life or death. However, Google has definitely made my life easier, saved me plenty of time and embarrassment, and empowered me to learn thousands of new things in mere seconds. The phrase “Google it” has become so common-place in my lexicon that I can’t even remember what I did when I needed a quick answer and Google didn’t exist.

One specific application that comes to mind is staying on top of trends in Social Media and technology. Sometimes just keeping up with everything that’s new can be a full-time job. Clearly, social media is no longer a fad, nor is it just used to stay connected to friends. It is a powerful branding tool and an engaging way to connect with and listen to your customers.

Because no one wants to lag behind or admit that you just “don’t get it,” Google is a great way to get quick answers and learn new skills. I taught myself several new tricks for social media all by typing the exact question I had into the Google search bar. In less than a second, I would have a whole list of answers to choose from.

Questions like “What is a hash tag used for in Twitter?” or “What is an RSS feed?” produce hundreds of articles, comments and discussions about that topic.  Sure, you have to be selective and pay attention to the source of the information, but having the power of quick information at your fingertips is liberating. So, next time you are afraid to admit that you’re out of the loop, just tell Google, it will keep your secrets safe.

Humbly submitted,

Jenna Kashou, @jkashou